Vote for John LemMon on Nov 2-A concerned candidate for Superior Court Judge-Justice for victims of elder abuse, child abuse, Sonoma County gangs, sexual abuse.


Training himself to be a hard worker, John disciplined himself daily to deliver newspapers. He was determined to save up enough money for a coveted Harley Davidson X-90 mini bike...which all the boys in his neighborhood wanted.

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With unwavering focus, John accomplished his goal and enjoyed sharing his bike with his older brothers and his buddies. It was then John realized that when you focus and work hard you can succeed at anything you set your mind to...a lesson John would carry with him for the rest of his life.


John's roots run deep in Sonoma County. His maternal grandfather played football for Analy High School in the 1920's. His paternal great-grandparents owned a ranch on Moon Mountain Road in the Sonoma Valley. His father, who was a lawyer and his stay at home mother, raised their family of six with an appreciation that what is worth getting in life only comes with hard work. One of John's fondest memories is of his father writing ten words on a chalkboard every week for John and his five siblings to research and report back on. Each week young John enthusiastically did...and it has been helpful to him in every endeavor of his life


It was while attending a college prep school in San Jose that John adopted the school's motto: "A Man For Others." This motto became the seed of his calling to serve others.

John LemMon responds to The Press Democrat with a Letter To The Editor

After undergraduate study at U.C. Berkeley and USF, John attended Golden Gate University where he enrolled in a joint JD/MBA program. His talent for writing was immediately recognized by the Dean who asked him to start a weekly law school newsletter. He lived with his Grandma Stella in Berkeley and cared for her in her early dementia years. John has never regretted sacrificing getting an "A" in a class because his time was devoted to caring for Stella. It was also during this time, that John developed a compassion for the elderly.


John sat for the bar and passed, leaving the MBA program and moving to Sonoma County. John's focus on his legal career began to shift into high gear as he sought out a position in the District Attorney's office, so much so, that he volunteered to work for free. After a few months, a job opened up and he worked there as a Deputy District Attorney.

He then left to be the Assistant City Prosecutor for the city of Sonoma. John felt that not completing his MBA was unfinished business, so he returned to school at Sonoma State University where he received his degree.

John moved closer to his life long goal of becoming a judge in 1993, when he started volunteering as a Judge Pro-Tem for the Municipal Court. In 1995, he volunteered with the Superior Court and helps conduct pre-trial settlement conferences for the civil trial departments. In 2000, John was introduced to Lesley. They were married in 2001 and she gave birth to their two sons, Alexander and Dean in 2005.


John LemMon brings experience - from both his extensive legal training and from life - to the position of judge. His clear thinking, firm hand, and dedicated manner are critical to supporting both the process and rule of law as he serves as judge.

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*Absent unusual cases where the interests of justice would be best served.
John LemMon is ready to be a Superior Court Judge. John knows his decisions from the bench will help form the society that our children will inherit.
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